In this blog entry, I want to tell you a little something about me, about my next project and give out the one piece of advice I wish I had learned much earlier in my life.

Although I love writing fantasy and science fiction, my favorite author is Louis L’Amour.  His stories always have the elements I feel are most important in life – honor, love, and good defeating evil.  We are nothing without our honor and love.  I am old fashioned because I do think there is good and evil, and I always want good to defeat evil.

My newest book has these elements, but they are different from my first works.  For one, instead of falling in love, my character’s love is well aged and deeper than the heat one finds in my first books.  That love is the driving force of the book.  Even so, the book is not a romance.  Like my others, it is an action fantasy.  The first draft is about half to two thirds done.  I plan on being done with it by the end of the year at the latest.

While I love writing, I also love living.  I recently went skydiving with my daughter and her boyfriend.  I think I shamed him into going by agreeing to go.  He had said no to my daughter at first.  If ever I need to have a character jump out of an airplane, I will now know how to describe it.  Let’s just say it is nothing like the falling feeling you sometimes have in your sleep or the stomach-in-your-throat feeling of a roller coaster.  Even though it wasn’t on my bucket list, I did enjoy it.

Here is my one piece of advice.  Remember, the only way to really live life is to live without the four letter F word, fear, ruling it.

5/1/2011 12:41:43

Rick I want to congratulate you on the books you have witten so far and am eager to read your next novel. Right now I am reading one of your first ones over again just to see if I missed anything :) Keep up the good work.


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